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The University of Food Technologies Plovdiv UFT is a prestigious education and science center for food science, technology and engineering. It provides internationally acknowledged training which complies with all the requirements of the Public Education Act in the Republic of Bulgaria. The university offers programs in the areas of food industry, biotechnology, foodservice, tourism, industrial management, heat engineering, mechanical and instrument engineering, machines, apparatus and equipment for the food industry and biotechnology, computer systems and technologies, automation, information and control systems.

From the higher education perspecive, UFT has developed several very rare and highly professional courses in the recent years, and has done this together with industrial and higher education partners from the region, Bulgaria and the entire EU.
UFT has often been invited as a consulting partner in cases of new developing industrial companies and parks in the region, both on the field of the higher education and the applied resource efficient industrial systems engineering R&D.


A ssoc. Prof. PhD Tanya Titova
Department: Automation, Information and Control Systems
University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Dr. Georgi Georgiev M.Sc.
University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv
Strategic Planning & Coordination



The University of Applied Sciences Offenburg was founded in 1964 and from there it was continuously growing with regard of campuses, buildings, faculties and courses. The faculties of Electrical Engineering, Medical Engineering and Computer Science (EMI), Mechanical and Process Engineering (M+V), and Media and Information Technology (M+I) are located on the Offenburg campus. There are five buildings in Offenburg, the latest of which was completed in 2014.They house more than 50 laboratories. In Gengenbach, the Faculty of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering (B+W) is located in the former Benedictine monastery of Gengenbach and in the educational campus, which was inaugurated in 2013. The four faculties of the Hochschule Offenburg offer 26 Bachelor’s programs and 21 Master’s programs.

The Institute for Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK) at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg (HS Offenburg) is a leading research institution in the field of research and pre-development of communication solutions for the Internet of Things. The currently 12 full-time staff members have deep know-how in the design, implementation and validation of secure, reliable, modular and efficient IoT applications from many third-party funded projects.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora
Offenburg University, Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK), Scientific Director
Project Lead



BEIA Consult International, SIEMENS partner, is a R&D performing SME, founded in 1991, and one of the leading providers of ICT solutions and services in Romania for cloud communications and IoT telemetry. The company’s references include over 5,000 turn-key projects for advanced IT and communications solutions. BEIA is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001.

BEIA is able to offer professional solutions, mainly for: communications for companies and organizations, communications for small office and homes, PCM and XDSL transmission systems, telemonitoring and radio-telemetry, consultancy and implementing of applications – solutions for ICT problems in the following domains: local and central administration, industry and agriculture, power generation, environmental protection, public health, education and culture, national defense and intelligence. Also, we provide e-learning and go-to-market acceleration services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-offs and scale-ups.


Prof. Dr. Eng. George Suciu
BEIA Consult International
R&D and Innovation Manager


UNIV - finalno logo - ZA PECAT

University “St Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola (UKLO,, established on 25.04.1979, is the second oldest state University in the Republic of North Macedonia. Today UKLO is a medium-sized, comprehensive university, offering a variety of first, second and third cycle studies, in the fields of Economics, Technical Sciences and ICT, Biotechnical Sciences, Tourism, Education, Health Care, Law Studies and Security, which makes it the most important institution in the area of higher education in the south-western region of our country.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola (FTS,, as a unit of UKLO, has successfully contributed in forming high-quality engineering cadre in the area of mechanical engineering, traffic and transportation, electrical engineering, graphical engineering, mechatronics and industrial engineering and management, cadre prepared and trained to successfully fulfill duties in industrial companies.

Prof. Gordana Janevska
University “St. Kliment Ohridski“ – Bitola, Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola, Current position: Vice Dean & Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola
Project coordinator for UKLO



University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), one of the largest and oldest Romanian technical universities is represented by a team of researchers from the Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology Faculty (ETTI) – Communications and Signal Processing Research Centre (3CPS). The team performs research in the field of analogue and digital communications for wireless systems and networks, Internet of Things systems and applications in the area of energy efficiency, Smart-City, eHealth and eCare, sensor programming, software development, sound, image and video processing, channel coding and signal compression, adaptive signal processing, modulation techniques, multiple access systems, propagation channel modelling and simulation.

The ongoing projects involve an active collaboration with groups and specialists from other domains like different engineering branches, computer science and economic science. The team has been collaborating for a long time with several well-known universities from abroad, and other research centres, as well as with private and public companies and institutions from industry and research. The team has managed and participated in more than 30 national and international projects in the last 10 years.


Prof. Dr. Eng. Octavian Fratu
University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Telecommunications department, Vice-Director of Communications and Signal Processing Research Centre, Wireless Networks and IoT Group Leader
Team Leader